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Everyone wants to look their best, and it’s an unfortunate fact that, from time to time, we’re all liable to look in the mirror and feel dissatisfied with what we see in front of us.

In fact, many people generally struggle and suffer, trying to come to terms with their own anxiety and insecurity concerning their looks.

There are various options available to anyone who wants to “improve” the way they look. They could, for example, watch video after video about facelifts and book in an appointment with a plastic surgeon. This may be a good option for some people, but generally speaking, it’s best to try out “softer”, non-surgical options first.

For most people, the best place to start is by beginning a regular, daily beauty routine. Here are some tips for doing that, and some notes on what the process entails.

Begin with things that you’ll be able to stick with every day

When trying to start any new habit — and beauty habits are no different here — it pays to begin small, and add more layers of complexity to the thing once the habit has had a chance to take root.

Focus on adopting daily beauty practices that you can actually, reliably, do on a daily basis. If you set yourself an overly ambitious beauty regimen, you’ll likely find yourself failing to stick to your plan within a few days. And, of course, the benefits of a beauty routine tend to accumulate over time, not just manifest in full within 24 hours. So consistency and regularity are key.

Perhaps you could begin by washing your face with a gentle cleansing wash every day and moisturising after bathing. That, alone, may well be enough to yield surprisingly significant benefits.

As your routine becomes more automatic and comfortable, you can add more time-consuming and detailed practices.

Integrate your beauty routine into a general self-pampering session

The point of a beauty routine shouldn’t just be to make you look good — although, of course, that is the primary reason. Your beauty routine should also work to make you feel good about yourself in general.

To a surprising degree, a major component of “beauty” is comfort in your own skin, and genuine confidence, rather than arrogance or anything similar. People who are more comfortable in their own skin and who feel generally upbeat about life, are just far more attractive as a rule than they would be if they were dominated by hangups and grievances.

Integrating your beauty routine into a general self-pampering session can be a great way of giving yourself a bit of TLC, helping yourself to relax, and just improving your overall quality of life in general.

Run yourself a hot bubble bath to start the session off, do your exfoliating, moisturising, and personal grooming while listening to some good music, or to an audiobook you enjoy, and then sprawl out on the bed with a green clay face mask on while watching a show you enjoy.

Can you teach an old dog new tricks? | Learning how to make money online and grow a digital business | The Social Media Virgin Mature Lifestyle Blog

Experiment and identify the cosmetic and skincare products that feel the best on you

Many people find that their health and beauty routines end up becoming fun and engaging hobbies of a sort, not least of all because there’s a lot of experimentation involved in finding the products that work best for you.

People like the novelty, and there’s just something about experimenting with new beauty potions that makes people feel like kids on Christmas morning.

Indulge that impulse within reason, and find the beauty products that make you feel the best.

Combine your beauty routine with a focused commitment to health and fitness

Personal grooming is an essential component to every beauty routine, but many of the most powerful practices you can adopt for the sake of enhancing your overall beauty, aren’t related to skincare, hair removal, or makeup at all.

As a general rule of thumb, the healthier and fitter you are, the better you will look. This is true for all sorts of reasons, including better hormonal regulation.

One of the best things you can do for your overall health and fitness routine is to combine it with a focused commitment to health and fitness. Exercise on a regular basis, get enough fruit and veg in your diet, kick bad habits like smoking, and, of course, sleep enough.

Sleep is a major thing in and of itself, and “beauty sleep” isn’t just an old-fashioned throwaway term. In recent times, researchers have found that getting enough sleep is one of the best ways of promoting clear, healthy looking skin, bright eyes, and more.