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Vie Nutra 50+ is just the Tonic you need.

Forget the gin, here’s a tonic that is a real pick-me-up for those of us that have attained a certain age.

Nutra 50+ arrived on my doorstep a couple of weeks ago. Specifically designed for women of that magical age. With 149 active ingredients this multivitamin liquid really gives you an early morning boost. It is also gluten free which is great. However, as it does contain Collagen it’s not suitable for vegetarians.

Nutra 50+

My personal review of Nutra 50+

While age is just a number, and in my head I am still that rebellious teenager, some days my bones try to tell me something slightly different. Not usually one for popping pills and taking tinctures I was asked if I would like to sample Nutra 50+. As we move into Autumn the aid of a few additional multivitamins in my diet probably wouldn’t go amiss anyway, so how could I resist?

Vie Nutra 50+ breakfast

The recommended dosage is 15ml (1 tablespoon). The bottle does come with a handy measuring cap so you don’t have to worry about getting the spoon out. The liquid itself is orange and not unpleasant in taste. It does have an old style light after-taste that makes you think this must be doing me good! I am just adding it to my morning routine alongside my porridge and coffee.

After the first few days I did think it was improving my mood, even my daughter commented that I seemed more balanced, whatever that means! I also felt that my hot flashes were a little less frequent. The only downside I have found is that my urine is now bright yellow. (Is that TMI?)

Benefits of Nutra 50+

I have taken Nutra 50+ for a period of 3 weeks now and I do feel that it has given me a bit of a boost. As a dog owner it is important that Ziggy is walked regularly, it doesn’t do me any harm either. While we always enjoy our strolls I do think I have had a bit more spring in my step and probably walked a little bit further than I usually would. Which is all to the good.

My skin, hair and nails feel healthy and have an added glow. Usually at this time of year my skin dries a little but I haven’t felt this so much this year. It’s possible that this is down to the added multivitamins. My general mood also seems slightly more upbeat and I am feeling a bit more awake, alert and vibrant.

The addition of this multivitamin liquid does seem to have improved my overall general sense of wellbeing.

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What’s in it

There are a plethora of healthy ingredients, 149 to be precise, all balanced to increase well-being. While you will be familiar with a whole host of vitamins and minerals there are some like AREDS2 which you may not have heard about. Theses are specifically for eye care. This mighty little tonic packs a punch to cover you from head to toe in wellness.

How much is this magical elixir

The cost of a bottle is just over £25. One 500ml bottle is a months supply (33 days if you want to be completely mathematical about it). While I did receive this first bottle complimentary, the benefits I have personally found have definitely made the price tag worth it.

Don’t feel left out boys, Nutra 50+ is also available for men.

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I’m adding Nutra 50+ to my daily morning routine. Let me know if you’ve tried it and whether you feel it has made any difference.

Disclaimer: This item was provided complimentary, all views are my own. Read more about disclosure here.

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