Have you got a Hosting Site SSL Certificate?

If not, you need one immediately. October is the month that sees big changes to site security. Google recently announced that if your site doesn’t have an SSL certificate then it won’t be considered secure. So it is important to get site secure now.

What does this mean?

If your site uses any type of forms like an email sign up or even a contact form and you don’t have a certificate your site will show a NOT SECURE message. Not good news as this will put people off signing up to you if they don’t see your site as trustworthy.

If your site is deemed as insecure then it could be detrimental to your authority and your business. You may lose out on traffic and you will stop visitors returning as the not secure sign is definitely a deterrent.

Google will also make a preferential ranking to those with an SSL over those without.


How can I check my site?

Simply type in https:// in front of your domain name in your browser. If a green padlock appears your site is secure and you are good to go. If it shows a red triangle with a warning then you really need to consider making your site safe.

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How can I get an SSL Certificate?

The easiest way is to go to your hosting website provider and simply sign up for a certificate. It will cost less than £5 and it will give you peace of mind. It’s a pretty straightforward process just follow the links to the main sites here;

Your hosting provider can install these certificates for you and make the switch from http:// to https:// immediately. You may see a small change in site traffic as this is treated as a site move. Those bloggers amongst us may also experience a slight decrease in their DA (domain authority).

If your site is with blogger.com you don’t need to worry. Google, the owners of this platform have taken care of this and have included a redirect to the https:// URL.

Have you seen an increase in the NOT SECURE warnings online? How have you found obtaining an  SSL certificate? I’d love to hear your thoughts below.

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