Fine Fragrance

No matter how I am feeling, nothing gives me the confidence boost that smelling great does. I absolutely adore a fine fragrance.

Standing in a coffee queue, in a lift or passing by complete strangers I have frequently been complimented on my fragrance. Now as you know I am in my fifties (just) so there is clearly not any ulterior motive and the compliments certainly appear to be genuine. I certainly take them in the spirit of flattery and I am a grateful recipient. A compliment particularly about the way you smell to others can give you a great lift for your entire day.

Fine Fragrances

So what is it that she wears, I hear you ask, that attracts so much attention?

My general everyday daytime fix for work is Guerlain’s Insolence. Vaguely reminiscent of parma violets and frankly not everyone’s cup of tea but it always smells incredible on me. Every time I wear it you can guarantee someone notices. It makes me feel great and that always gives me such an added confidence. A mid price perfume which attracts high praise from many.

Chanel’s Coco Mademoiselle used to be a firm favourite of mine until my mother switched from No.5 to Mademoiselle a couple of years ago. And while we are only together a few times each month you just can’t go around smelling like your mother, EVER, regardless how good that is! The plus side of this downside is that I always know what gift she will like.

Marilyn Munroe Chanel No.5

My daughter loves the Black Orchid parfum from the Tom Ford collection and it smells spectacular on her skin. Having sampled it myself it is a fabulous scent but as with your mother, you can’t go around smelling like your daughter, EVER. I personally enjoy the more woody and musky perfumes of the Tom Ford collection.

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But back to my personal choice of fine fragrance

My evening selection is usually from one of 3 exceptionally fine fragrance houses.

I have recently discovered Black Phantom by Kilian Hennessy (yes of Cognac fame) This is a slightly more heavy and provocative fragrance than I am generally used to and find that a small amount is more than sufficient. It’s very rock n roll in the best possible sense with a dark and playful side. It does makes me smile. The packaging is wonderfully theatrical on the macabre side and full of temptation. Some of the perfumes are packaged in evening clutch bags or refillable decanters. This fine fragrance is more than perfume it is dressing table fashion.

Black Phantom Perfume

I love the Alaxander McQueen inspiration to this luxury fine fragrance collection. It’s not surprising that Kilian has worked with the likes of McQueen, Armani and Dior as you can sense this in the products. They are full of sophistication, intrigue and excitement. Straight to Heaven is another of the fragrances that smells absolutely divine.

This gold serpent on the clutch bag packaging is just wonderfully fun.

Kilian Hennessy Fragrances

In the Summer I also came across Diptyque in Fenwick’s refurbished beauty hall in Newcastle. I was originally attracted by their wonderful diffusers and candles until I discovered their range of perfumes. Fabulously French and sophisticated.

Diptyque Fragrances

What I particularly liked about purchasing a Diptyque fragrance in Fenwick is that you receive an accompanying sample. If you try the sample and discover the scent is not for you, then if you haven’t opened your fragrance you can return it. I personally think this is great marketing. The fragrance that hooked me in was Tam Dao, it is rich and velvety with fabulous woody notes. I also have a sample of L’Ombres dans l’eau, which is a rich berry and rose fragrance. I am saving this one for a special occasion to try it out.

The candle, diffuser and perfume collections are also available to buy online here.


Last but certainly by no means least, and definitely my absolute favourite collection of the moment. I am currently in love with the Frederic Malle collection. Fortunately it is loving me back and there are several of the multitude of fragrances that particularly suit my skin.

Portrait of a Lady, created for the collection by Dominique Ropion, gives a heady sense of bouquets of roses with hints of patchouli.

Carnal Flower is another Dominique Ropion fragrance that most people are drawn to with heavy sexual tones of spices and sweetness.

I am also enjoying Dries Van Noten, created by Bruno Jovanovic, with fabulously deep sandalwood notes.

I have also recently discovered Noir Epices, created by Michael Roudnitska. This particular fine fragrance is exotic and oriental. Again with woody notes this seems to be really suiting my mood at the moment. There is just so much choice and each fine fragrance has such a wonderful story behind it in this sensational collection. I just don’t have enough nights out in my calendar to do them all justice.

Fine Fragrances

Even if no one stops to compliment me these perfumes are making me feel absolutely fabulous at the moment and how I feel about myself is all that really matters.

Let me know what fragrances tempt you and how they make you feel. (Clean responses only please!)


  1. I just love Tom Ford black orchid. I like white patchouli incase the birthday fairy or Santa is on the prowl!

    Proud of you for your site ?

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