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The Laundrette; Cocktails and Carbs restaurant is a great addition to the bustling Newcastle food and drink culture. This week I took advantage to try it out with the extraordinary opening offer of 50% off the food bill.

The restaurant is a new build on Westgate Road, opposite Central Station. It is perfectly positioned at the crossroads where several well known strips of bars and restaurants converge. The decor is industrial minimalist. Think monochrome, think exposed pipe work, moody lighting, wood and black seating and you’ve got the picture.

The Laundrette has a wonderful open kitchen where you can view the delights of the food as it is prepared. There is a really good vibe although some of the tables for two are a little too closely packed together for my own personal taste. And don’t even get me started about the darkness of the lighting in the ladies!

We ordered cocktails. Mine a Plantation Punch was served with a frozen pineapple on the side with a huge dollop of ice cream on top. Top marks for presentation. This pineapple rum cocktail was a tasty beginning to the evening and eating ice cream before the starters arrived felt quite decadent!

Plantation punch rum cocktail Laundrette Newcastle

The driver selected a Fizz Wiz Mocktail. A popping candy milkshake, again magnificently presented. The cocktail menu is both extensive and fun. The presentation of every cocktail is totally instagram worthy every time. Prices range from about £7 to £11. What is particularly pleasing to see is a good selection of Mocktails. These are priced at around £5.

Fizz wiz cocktail Laundrette Newcastle

As we were taking advantage of the deal we went all out and ordered starters. We shared the chef’s special Asian chicken salad dish and the Frito fish combo.

Asian chicken Laundrette Newcastle

I must say if you like spice the chicken hits the spot perfectly. It was a well balanced combination of spicy slaw, chicken and dips. The calamari, sardine and tiger prawn combo with lemon pepper aioli was also pretty tasty but wasn’t a patch on the Asian dish.

Frito calamari Laundrette Newcastle

Originally set up as a restaurant in Manchester in what used to be a Laundrette, Newcastle is the third of the chain to open. Sticking with the Laundrette theme, appetisers are referred to as Pre Load. starters are Small Load, Mains are Full Load and you guessed it Sides are Extra Spin.

We both ordered pizza. I opted for the Ventricina salami, mozzarella, chilli, spicy sausage and rocket on a tomato base. My companion selected the Carbonara pizza with pancetta, grand padano and runny egg yolk on a gluten free bechamel base. The carbonara wasn’t a great choice as it was fairly bland but the salami pizza was absolutely wonderful. Pizzas are priced from £8 to £11. The great thing is that you can choose to opt for a gluten free base on any of the pizzas.

Salami pizza Laundrette Newcastle

There is a good selection of burgers including a wagyu burger. Pricing of these is from around the £12 mark.

There are also a selection of fish and steak main courses and a nice selection of sides.

I finished the evening with a Raspberri Flossi. I will let your own eyes decide how good this Vodka cocktail was!

Raspberri flossi vodka cocktail

The Laundrette is a lovely addition to Newcastle’s restaurant scene and they really do push the boat out on their artistic cocktails. There is a loyalty card scheme available which is well worth having if you intend to visit a couple of times. All in all we had a great evening and I certainly would return.

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Have you been? What did you think of the Laundrette? Leave me a comment to let me know what you thought and whether you will be giving it another spin.

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