Best 5 Crazy Money Saving Tips for Las Vegas

Best 5 Crazy Money Saving Tips for Las Vegas

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After returning from my 5th visit to Sin City I thought I’d share with you my top 5 tips for saving money when in Las Vegas. On this trip, we saved over $500 in comped items including 3 free buffets, as well as making huge savings on attractions and activities too! You can do so much in Vegas even if you’re on a budget if you know how to really work it.

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MyVegas (And Other Reward Games)

My favourite tip, before you head to Las Vegas download the following free games on both iOS and Android and collect the gold coins. The more gold coins you have the more rewards you can redeem in Vegas. This trip on myVegas we redeemed a buffet each at MGM which included bottomless beer and wines. The food was great and it’s certainly somewhere we’d return to.

Over the years we’ve redeemed free buffets, cocktails, attraction tickets and more. On the myVegas slots, you can redeem three premium rewards in a 30 day period and unlimited regular rewards.

There are a couple of other games you can also play including Wynn Slots. Where you can redeem your points to book complimentary rooms and buffets. Do make sure if you have enough ‘gems’ for hotel stays you book them in one go. As the app doesn’t allow for further add ons. You can book up to 4 nights in the hotel consecutively and 1 buffet a month.

We made the most of this game and stayed at the Wynn one night (deposit is $150 however no resort fees and/or taxes are added). We also visited the buffet twice – once in November and once in December. The food was fantastic, again it was completely complementary, we did, however, upgrade to bottomless drinks which include beers, wines and cocktails for $22.99 plus taxes each.

There are also Binions and Four Queens games too. However, we didn’t play these as we actually were running out of time to maximise our rewards.

Groupons And Coupons

Americans love a coupon and a lot of them are stackable. Meaning that you can use multiple coupons at once.

Almost every single popular paid attraction in Las Vegas offers a discount via a coupon. You just have to be thrifty and find them first. Before you go check the Las Vegas Groupon. There are some incredible deals to be had. If you sign up to the Groupon newsletter you’ll also frequently receive a discount code too.

Do note though if you’re buying from the US Groupon site you’ll have to make payment via PayPal. As they won’t accept a debit or credit card not registered in the US.

There are, of course, some other websites that offer great savings too. These are;

When travelling to Vegas have a look at your in-flight magazine as this sometimes contains a few coupons (more so on American based airlines). As well as in the transport from the Airport to the hotel as often cabs have coupon books for you to take. The hotel check-in also often offers coupons too for their resorts. You’ll also see people on the Strip handing out flyers and cards for discounts and other offers.

Free Attractions And Street Entertainment

Vegas is bustling with free street entertainment from people looking to be picked up for the next big Vegas show. Often you’ll witness acrobats, dancers or magicians and their free shows are absolutely mesmerising. They do however look for tips at the end, but some are really worthy. There is also the Viva Vision Light Show, down at Fremont Street. It is the largest LED canopy in the world. This is pretty spectacular if you’ve never seen it before, it shows on the half-hour nightly. Check out Fremont Street’s programme of events.

There are also plenty of free activities to get involved with, in Las Vegas both on the Strip and in the hotels. Just search ‘free attractions + your hotel’ to discover more. You can also search for any other hotel as you’re free to go in and out of them all at your leisure.

Drink For Free

If you’re gambling in the casino the hosts wander round (or you can press the call bell) and offer to get you a drink whilst you’re playing. Give the waitress a decent tip ($5-$10) to begin with, depending on how long you’re planning to stay and she’ll keep coming back with whatever drinks you fancy. It is customary to tip $1 per drink, however, the drinks are of course free. We are fans of 8 am champagne whilst playing on Game of Thrones.

Sign Up To Player’s Cards & Newsletters

Just like myVegas (which links up to your MLife cards), there are loyalty programmes for all of the casinos. Make sure you join these programmes in advance so you can start receiving offers ready to enjoy on your vacation. However, the biggest advantage of joining these programmes comes after your stay. You’ll receive offers almost immediately tempting you back. 

Make sure that every time you gamble, eat or shop in any of the hotels you hand over your Player’s Card this will help track your spend. And a couple of days prior to leaving, you can head to the concierge (if you’ve spent over $1,500 overall) and ask if there’s anything they can ‘comp’ you for your loyalty. Some people have had free nights stays for their following trip comped, some people have had their resort fees waivered, free tickets etc. It all is dependant upon how much you’ve been spending in the resort and how much your card has tracked. 

If you’re in a group, just use the same person’s card to sweep up the points unless gambling simultaneously.

Always use it when you are gambling too, hand your players card to the dealer at table games and be sure to insert it into the slot machine when you’re playing.

A lot of the time when you sign up to their newsletters too they send you additional savings to your inbox.

You can sign up to the programmes below;

Have you got any Vegas money-saving tips? I’d love to know about them below