Real Coffee Capsules with a Real Coffee Taste

Real Coffee Capsules with a Real Coffee Taste

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I am really passionate about enjoying a tasty cup of coffee at home. So when I was asked to try Nespresso compatible capsules from Real Coffee,  I was only too happy to take the taste test.

Nespresso Compatible Capsules

For many years now I have had my daily coffee fix from my trusty Magimix coffee machine. I love the convenience of being able to produce a flavoursome single cup time and again without having to go through the entire barista repertoire of grinding beans and getting the temperature and amount of water just right. I much prefer to leave that to the experts for the art that it is.


All I want to be able to do at home is pop the capsule in and get the same great taste over and over again. That is exactly what you get with capsules by Real Coffee.

The coffee by Real Coffee is 80% Fair trade and organic, made mostly from Arabica beans with some of the range blended with Robusta to give a stronger more intense flavour. It is a premium brand and a great price. Beans are sourced from Costa Rica and South America.

The Range of Real Coffee – Classic Italian Blends

Lungo San Marino – made with split roasted Arabica beans, this coffee was my stand out favourite. It’s creamy and intense flavour is perfect at any time of the day. A longer coffee; this is the one that I pop in my travel mug as I head out of the door to walk the dog or take with me on my way to work.


My personal choice from the great selection of Espresso is Roma, you can tell instantly by the red packaging that it’s a coffee with passion. Made with 70% Robusta and 30% Arabica this is a strong blend that gives you a great wake up call. An intense flavour with hints of hazelnut. This coffee definitely conjures up thoughts of the busy Italian capital and enjoying a morning espresso in the city.


Espresso Torino is Real Coffee’s decaffeinated variety. Made from 100% Arabica, it is a flavoursome coffee. With a rich and satisfying taste it is really hard to tell that it is actually a decaf.

Espresso Venezia is the spicy one of the range. 80% Arabica 20% Robusta this blend has a deep and rich taste.

The signature blend is Espresso Napoli, presented in a gold capsule this is a wonderful winning espresso from Real Coffee. Full of flavour, well balanced with hints of cocoa. I enjoyed this blend accompanied with a square or two of dark chocolate it really brought out the nutty notes of the coffee.

The purple one! Espresso Verona this is a coffee to love. Perfect for a latte it is a creamy and rich dark roasted coffee with a wonderful aroma.

Espresso Bologna has a rich velvety taste, dark and aromatic. I frothed this up as a cappuccino and coupled with a bar of milk chocolate this made for a fabulous sweeter relaxing mid morning break.


Those of you that do enjoy a latte or macchiato with an added syrup shot will love the unique Espresso Caramel. This single capsule is a sweet sensation with its 100% Arabica and roasted caramel and will satisfy almost any sweet tooth. Just for the smell of this coffee alone, it is worth trying it.

The Range of Real Coffee – Single Origin

Currently Real Coffee produce 3 variations in their single origin range.

I particularly enjoyed the rich, full bodied Colombia. The nuttiness of the finest Arabica beans worked really well for my tastebuds and made for a great double shot Americano.


Sumatra is 100% Arabica with notes of chocolate and liquorice. A rich and intense flavoursome coffee.

Grand Crú is a special Ethiopian Coffee with a sweetness and hint of lime from the ideal growing conditions and wet processing methods used by the fair trade cultivators.

Don’t just use your coffee machine for coffee.

Real Coffee also have a Hot Chocolate capsule. This is a great addition to the range for an evening beverage, a winter warmer or to make chocolate with marshmallows for the kids. Add an espresso for the perfect mocha.

Who are Real Coffee?

Real Coffee are a Scandinavian company new to the UK market in recent years and it is evident that they take their role in the coffee market seriously. Along with dedication to their corporate social responsibility and commitment to provide flavoursome coffee, Real Coffee are delivering this at a great price to the customer. I was surprised at the exceptional value of the capsules. The website is really easy to navigate to place your order. You can select the coffee you want in a variety of bundles depending on your volume. The more you buy the less you pay per capsule.

The Real Coffee pods are Nespresso compatible so ideal for anyone with Krups, Magimix, Nespresso machines. They also produce a great range of coffee pods which are compatible with Dolce Gusto machines.


What I particularly like about the design of the Real Coffee capsules is that they have foil tops and bottoms so the needles in the machine penetrate further allowing more water to circulate to release a full bodied coffee. The colourful capsules are also made from a recyclable polyethylene.

Green Credentials

Blue Planet has done far more to raise environmental awareness than any politicians or advertisers, so as consumers we are looking more for recyclable, fair trade and organic products to put in our baskets. Coffee pod manufacturers have encountered some bad press about the difficulty in recycling the used capsules. While everyone is working away to find a compostable solution that is also fit for purpose, in the meantime the Real Coffee Pods can be recycled with a small amount of effort. Just remove the foil, empty the used coffee into compostable waste and put the empty pod in the plastic recycling.

Would I buy Real Coffee capsules again?

YES, most definitely, is the answer.

I like that the more you buy the more cost-effective the pods are. I like that the coffee is Fairtrade and there is a commitment to the environment. But what I like most is that I have discovered a couple of great new coffee flavours that I can thoroughly enjoy in the comfort of my own home.

Love coffee?  Let me know your thoughts on Real Coffee.

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