3 Days After Launch………..

As part of my commitment to my Project 365 I intend to publish my monthly Income Report. As you can imagine as I am only 3 days into launch I am currently in the red. However, in the interests of openness I am going to produce the report at the end of each month so that you can chart my progress with me. I will provide a summary round up of;

  • The highlights of the month
  • A recap on the blogs posted
  • Page view statistics
  • Instagram & Pinterest statistics
  • Income & expenditure
  • October targets

As you would probably expect this one is just going to be a short one, I do hope that in the future I am able to bring really exciting income reports that show you that creating a side hustle blog is achievable and extremely lucrative!


September Income Reports Highlights

The highlight for September was the official launch of my blog. This happened on 27th to coincide with my birthday. Yay me!

I am on a complete learning curve with absolutely everything and building my confidence daily using my WordPress site. I have paid for hosting and I am using a free theme template. I was delighted with the response and level of page views and received a couple of really supportive comments from other mature bloggers. So thanks guys it means a lot. I have started to grow my Instagram account but I am a bit disappointed in myself with the quality of my photographs and hashtags. I am pinning quite a bit on Pinterest but my following is slow. I have also received my first complimentary item, joined an affiliate programme and joined the ELLEfluence influencer outreach.

Blogs posted in September

Countdown T Minus 22
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Instagram Novice – Getting Started
There Needs to be More Mature Bloggers – FACT
My Favourite Fine Fragrance for Feeling Great
Launching a Blog for Mature Bloggers
Bite Size Blogs Buying a Domain Name

Page Views

I am using Google analytics for my data analysis and so far I have had 416 page views which is as a very positive start. Much work to be done though.

September 2017 statistics



22 posts



My top 4 performing posts were all quotes. My most popular post received 46 likes.



2,223 Pins

Income & Expenditure

Domain Name from Godaddy for 2 years. £11.04£11.04
Web hosting from Godaddy £5.02 p/m £15.06£15.06
Awin deposit (affiliate window) £ 5.00£5

October Targets

Blog – My main target during October will be to post a minimum of 15 blog posts and increase my overall page views to 3000.

Income – I will also be looking to achieve my first affiliate sales and sponsored/placed content and have set a modest goal of £50.00. This will take me out of the red and put me into profit!

Instagram – I will be aiming to improve the quality of my photographs and try out using different hashtags to increase my following. My target is 300.

Pinterest – my goal for October is to develop my abilities in creating pinnable images within my blogs.

Perhaps not the most exciting Income Report but after only 3 days what were you expecting! As they say small steps.

I would love to receive any advice from any mature bloggers about what you have done to increase your income from your blog. Please leave any tips that you may have for increasing any revenue in the comments section below. As always, if you have found this article of any value we would love for you to ‘Pin It’ on Pinterest and share with your friends and family across social media and beyond!

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  1. This is an important income report for new bloggers to read. Because not everyone makes money blogging every month. This is honest. And it’s real. I’m so happy that you’re putting this out there. And I can’t wait to see how you improve next month! 🙂

    1. Author

      Thanks Maya, I did want to show that my set up costs haven’t been very much although at the same time be truthful that a new income stream just doesn’t happen overnight. What I haven’t included so far is the amount time I have spent working on my site, hopefully I will be able to include this in future. I was really interested to read your September report and I am pleased you are doing well and hope to follow more of your successful progress.

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