3 Tips To Using Scent To Help Sell Your Home Easily

3 Tips To Using Scent To Help Sell Your Home Easily

You are currently viewing 3 Tips To Using Scent To Help Sell Your Home Easily

If you are looking to sell your home it can be a pretty stressful time, and with every potential buyer usually comes plenty of cleaning, lots of stress and waiting, and potentially disappointment too.

But research suggests there are certain scents that you can use to make your home that little more desirable.

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Forget giving everywhere a lick of paint, filling in cracks, fixing your First Lighting fixtures, it’s simple things like smells that encourage people to buy homes.

Scent to sell your home

A survey has revealed that the smell of the house could be the difference between putting in an offer and not for a massive 86% of potential buyers.

So, what exactly are the scents that are most alluring?

Unsurprisingly the top scent we’d find most welcoming when walking into a home viewing would be the smell of fresh bread baking.

Followed by the odour of fresh coffee, definitely something that would wake you up as you browse through the rooms.

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Making up the top five scents that would encourage us to buy a home include clean laundry, fresh flowers and an open fire.

These desirable aromas are definitely something that can be associated with a comfortable and cosy home.

But when it comes to the smells that potential buyers don’t want to be met with when they walk into a home, the smell of pets is definitely the most off-putting.

Coming up close seconds was the smell of cigarettes, the smell of damp, an overpowering smell of cleaning products, and the smell of rubbish in the bin too, these all make up the worst smells that you could face when looking at a property.

Checklist of scents to encourage a home sale

Freshly baked bread

Whether or not you see yourself as the next Mr Warburton or not, just warming up some part-baked baguettes in the oven could make the world of difference to potential buyers. Just remember to put the oven on low so there’s no chance of them burning if they’re viewing the property for a while.

Fresh coffee

The good thing about freshly brewed coffee is that the smell is really strong and lingers for quite some time. If you don’t have a coffee machine, you could always try a French press to make that distinct smell when someone comes to view your house.

Clean laundry

There’s nothing quite like the smell of fresh, clean laundry in your home, but of course, you don’t want piles of washing hanging off radiators or your maiden. Instead, you might just have to fake this one with a fresh-smelling reed diffuser instead.

home interior tips for selling your home using scents|thesocialmediavirgin a lifestyle blog

Fresh flowers

The smell of fresh flowers in any home is inviting and relaxing, plus they’re great for adding some brightness and life to space too. This is the perfect excuse to ensure you have fresh flowers throughout your home when people are coming to view it.

Open fire

Again, unless you have a fire already installed in your home this one can be pretty hard. But we have to mention Woodwick candles, which not only come in an amazing array of scents but crackle when they burn like a real wood fire too. It’s definitely worth investing in one of these if you don’t have the real thing.


Don’t forget that smells evoke memories, and this teamed with gorgeous designer framed home prints can help to create an incredible all-round sensory experience for when it comes to selling your home.

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