Where to stay in Ibiza 1

Where to stay in Ibiza

Ibiza is now officially open for business. Fresh off the plane back from the White Island I can confirm it’s all falling in to place for the summer season.

The tractors have all been out in force recovering the beaches from the harsh winter weather and everywhere is receiving its annual makeover. My question for Siri is; how many gallons of white paint has been used to bring the island back to its vibrant life?

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This year we started our trip in Portinatx. The taxi ride from the airport is about 25 to 30 minutes and costs €45.

The beaches here are fabulously picturesque and are frequently used for wedding photography and promotional shots of the Island. It’s one of the quieter resorts and a great place for families and a truly relaxing break. The snorkelling is terrific in the clear blue waters and in season there are boat trips and swimming tours.

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This is also a great place for walking and there are several marked walking treks in and around the St Joan area. Look out for the map showing the routes opposite the Apartments Del Rey. A walk along the cliff top to the lighthouse is a must.


There are a number of restaurants and bars all within easy reach in this small resort. We had a fabulous breakfast at the very chic Las Enamorados. it comes highly recommended both for the food and the wonderful views.

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We also had a very tasty and leisurely lunch at Caballito del Mar with terrific service, reasonable prices, spotlessly clean and a great vibe you just couldn’t fault it.

The local bus service is easy to use and for less than €3 you can take a scenic bus trip into Eivissa (Ibiza town). From here you can pretty much hop on any number of different routes right across the Island. Although car hire and driving around the Island is also pretty easy.

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The town itself is bustling with shops, restaurants, cafes and bars. The castle is perched on the top of the marina and is worth a visit.

Heading into San Antonio for the second half of our trip this is definitely the place to be if you are looking for that party vibe with bars, restaurants, hotels and clubs to suit any age and taste. It’s all happening here with any number of boat parties and trips heading out of the Bay.

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The seafront and marina are teaming with people all ready to enjoy the experience. OBeach is an absolute must bedecked in its signature orange and white, cool music and chill atmosphere.

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It’s a tradition to pick up a few souvenirs and with the choice of a Space, Pasha, Ibiza Rocks and Ushuaia merchandise you can be spoilt for choice.

Of course, no trip to Ibiza is complete without experiencing the ritual of sitting on the rocks at Cafe Del Mar & Cafe Mambo and applauding as the spectacular sun goes down.

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There really is no place quite like Ibiza.

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