If you’re a brand or agency looking to work with The Social Media Virgin then please get in touch at There’s multiple ways that we can work together on content and collaborations for your brand.

Sponsored Content

I offer paid editorial content on both my site and social media channels to create content that will be seen time and time again by a growing audience.

Hosting Content

If you have pre-written content you wish to post, I can host this for your brand for a fee. My only stipulation is that content must be 500 words minimum with royalty free images.

Affiliate Marketing

At The Social Media Virgin I implement affiliate marketing and actively work with brands on tenancies and/or gifting to create content.

Item Gifting

In exchange for exposure I am happy to be gifted items from your brand. I can create site content and social content to promote these items, as long as they are suitable for the site.

Event Attendance

I can cover all launches for events, products and services across my site and social channels. This includes; restaurants, stores, hotels and travel. Coverage will be posted within 48 hours.

Advertisement Placement

Throughout content I can insert paid advertisements into posts which fit. I also have advertisement space available in the sidebar.