defensil rescue serum moisturising skin care | the social media virgin | mature lifestyle blogger

I have recently discovered a little magic elixir to keep your winter dry skin fully moisturised and nourished. Defensil Rescue Serum is a wonderful natural product that is the ideal remedy for dry skin especially at this time of the year. Perfect to replenish moisture and reduce dry flaky skin irritations.

Like a lot of us I enjoy the winter weather. Crisp mornings when you can wrap up and take the dog out to the beach, plan ski trips, go outdoor skating and so much more, but it can play havoc with your skin. I recently tried out Defensil Rescue Serum to see if it could help combat my dry wintry skin.

defensil rescue serum moisturising skin care | the social media virgin | mature lifestyle blogger

Defensil Rescue Serum was developed in the Swiss Alps specifically for people living in high, dry and sunny altitudes with dry skin. A natural remedy combining two key ingredients; concentrated extract from cardiospermum seed and cold pressed echium oil. Truly an Alpine Rescue!

While sadly I don’t live in the Swiss Alps, I am lucky enough to spend a lot of my days on the beaches of the North East Coast of England and I can tell you, that wind can sometimes bite! Add in the salty combination and you can see why my skin would warrant some TLC.

defensil rescue serum moisturising skin care | the social media virgin | mature lifestyle blogger

With the harsh weather comes the added complication of dry flaky skin as the cold air strips away my natural moisture barrier. I found that after a couple of applications the dryness disappeared and my skin felt far more nourished. While I don’t personally suffer from eczema I can still see why Defensil Rescue Serum is recommended as a great natural alternative to some of the steroid creams currently out there on the market.

The combination of the two key ingredients acts to stabilise and regenerate the skin barrier and reduces the itchiness of dry flaky skin, almost immediately. Containing only natural steroids; Defensil Rescue Serum compared favourably in clinical trials against standard strength hydrocortisone creams. Using Defensil Rescue Serum takes away any concerns you may have about regular use of medicated creams.

The serum is more like a beauty product cream and has a rich consistency which makes it easy to apply. I found a small amount spread liberally goes quite far. It also has a really clean fresh smell and is free from parabens and perfumes, so it is suitable for sensitive skin.

I particularly liked that it was a creamy serum and certainly without any stickiness or medicated aroma. I also found that Defensil Rescue Serum blended and absorbed into my skin very easily, without the need for any excessive rubbing in.

defensil rescue serum moisturising skin care | the social media virgin | mature lifestyle blogger

If you are planning a winter break or just want to nourish your dry skin or even try an alternative natural product for your eczema, then you should certainly consider giving Defensil Rescue Serum a try.

I sampled the 50ml travel size and even with regular, quite liberal applications it has lasted several weeks.

The price for 75ml is £9.95 and is available from

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Disclaimer: This item was provided complimentary, all views are our own. Read more about disclosure here.

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