Statue of Liberty | Looking for alternative things to do in New York as a tourist? We visited after previously doing all of the tourist attractions and did New York my way | Travel Guide | The Social Media Virgin

New York can be completely overwhelming. You are expected to cover absolutely every tourist attraction imaginable, irrespective of the duration of your visit and even over several visits. This can be absolutely impossible. You already know it’s going to be full on but don’t stress it!  Do some of theRead More →

Winter Sun Getaways: Tenerife, Spain | Where's good to go in the winter to get sun? - We discover off the beaten track Tenerife and the best places to visit | Travel Guide | The Social Media Virgin Lifestyle Blog

With Winter weather well and truly here who can blame us for starting our search for Tenerife getaway deals. With the draw of all year round sunshine, Tenerife is one of Britain’s most favoured holiday getaway destinations. Avoid an avalanche I will start by telling you what you mustn’t doRead More →